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Default Re: My dream is to write the story/dialogue for video games. Any advice or explanatio

Quote: dream is to write the story or dialogue to video games...
1. I want to go back to university of advancing technology.
2. are there any other schools that will help me in my journey
3. or any info or advice. Ive already been to sloperama... What degree do I need?
4. What colleges offer what I need?
5. Also, the schools need to be for people who are nerdy and cool like uat.
6. Is there anyone at uat that can help me?
7. What can I do?
8. I really hope someone replies to this with a detailed explanation.
1. Why? You say you want to be a writer. Does UAT have a creative writing degree?

2. Yes, lots.

3. My advice is that you not write "walls of text" (that's a writing term you can look up on the internet), and that you apply better writing technique to your quest for career information. You say you've "been to" my website, but based on your questions, you either haven't read the pertinent articles, or you didn't like or didn't believe what you read. Because info and advice about writing for games is there, including what degree you need. There's also an article on Sloperama about how to ask good questions in forums like this.

4. There are a lot of colleges that offer creative writing degrees. You can research using the internet, and you can ask your advisor at your current school for guidance, too.

5. Why? Why is this your major criterion? Also, when you say "nerdy and cool," that's kind of a strange combination that needs explanation. You could just be saying you don't want a party college, because by definition students who are serious about pursuing education or a career are nerdy, but "cool" seems to be an antonym of "nerdy" - see "The Social Network" and "Big Bang Theory." You can use any criteria you like to choose a school, but if you want others to help you by identifying nerdy/cool schools, you need to explain what you mean. And I recommend that this criterion not be your major deciding criterion. First and foremost, you need a creative writing degree. Like it says on Sloperama.

6. Help you do what? Probably.

7. You can work harder at thinking through what it is you want to find out, and make a list of candidate schools, and make a decision grid. Like it says on Sloperama.

8. But you didn't want to read the detailed explanation (or you didn't like the detailed explanation) on Sloperama, so how do we know you'll actually read and appreciate a custom-written just-for-you detailed explanation?
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