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Default Re: (new post) What can I do to become a video game writer?

1. I don't have a problem starting out writing reviews or something.
2. I posted before and it wasn't a good post, so I'm posting again.
3. Where do I start?
4. How do I become a game writer?
5. I know it's a competitive industry, but writers probably have a beter chance to get in the industry than designers or artists, right?
6. Do I start contacting game companies?
7. And I also know that I won't start out writing dialog for AAA titles and I don't care If I start writing for the smallest video game company.
8. I do know that freelance writers get positions as scriptwriters, but I want a full time position at a company.
9. Should I write more stories?
10. Who should I email at a video game company. Just the regular contact us? Or someone special?
11. I have I already been to sloperama, but the article was written in years ago.
12. I need a more personal reply.
1. That's no good. Don't bother with that. Keep writing stories. You want to do creative writing, not journalism, right?
2. How is this one better than that one exactly? You still wrote a "wall of text."
3. You start by finishing college, preferably with a creative writing degree.
4. First you get a creative writing degree. Then you build an awesome body of work.
5. Wrong.
6. No. You start by getting a degree and building an awesome body of work. And improving your writing ability (there were a lot of typos in your post).
7. Good.
8. I know that the way to get rich is to work hard, work smart. But I want to win the lottery.
9. You should not have to ask this question. You should WANT to write more stories, and you should get angry at anybody who tells you to stop writing stories.
10. It's a little early to apply for a job, since you don't even have your degree yet. Or did you have another purpose for emailing somebody in a game company?
11. I'm so sorry I didn't write the article last month! Darn, now I need a time machine so the article will disappear so I can write it again so it'll be new.
12. You got personal replies to your previous post, and you're getting personal replies to this one. Is there a problem with doing both? (Reading an article that was written a few years ago, AND getting questions answered about what's written in that article?)
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