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Default Re: (new post) What can I do to become a video game writer?

1. I don't have a problem starting out writing reviews or something.
2. I posted before and it wasn't a good post, so I'm posting again.
3. Where do I start?
4. How do I become a game writer?
5. I know it's a competitive industry, but writers probably have a beter chance to get in the industry than designers or artists, right?
6. Do I start contacting game companies?
7. And I also know that I won't start out writing dialog for AAA titles and I don't care If I start writing for the smallest video game company.
8. I do know that freelance writers get positions as scriptwriters, but I want a full time position at a company.
9. Should I write more stories?
1. Game websites pay for reviews and it's a good writing exercise, plus you can have a good portfolio.
2. You better post a story.
3. Start with a blog!
4. You should be a writer in the first place, the game industry it's big enough to have you in it.
5. No
6. Yes, but do you have a portfolio?
7. The beginning it's the hardest!
8. Start as a freelancer, make a name and you will get into a company!
9. Yes
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