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Default Re: Good to know besides programming?

Originally Posted by iSmartMan View Post
1. Well, if I knew what I wanted you to recommend to me, then I wouldn't need you to recommend it, now would I?
2. For now, I would just like for you to clarify how the courses you initially suggested could be utilized by a computer programmer, as opposed to a designer or artist, because I fail to see how they would be relevant.
1. But you knew you ought to study physics and psychology. Those are excellent choices -- your own instincts are better than you seem to think.

2. a. You will be working on a team, whose ultimate goal is to create games. If you're just going to be a silent team member with no opinions on how the game should be designed, then you don't need to study things relevant to game design. Everybody else on the team will have such opinions, and they are likely to expect you to chime in.

2. b. Being able to appreciate art and music would make you a well-rounded person. If you were just about bits and bytes, you'd be a boring person. Taking some sort of martial art will boost your self-confidence. And moving your body is a good thing. I agree with the previous post that acting is an excellent thing for any member of a game team to know. If you don't want to study any martial arts or acting, then how about dance? It'll make you a well-rounded person, and better able to enjoy activities with partners of the opposite sex (or the same sex, if so inclined).

3. You could also take a course in business, a course in management, marketing. Such subjects will better prepare you for working in the game industry, no matter what role you play.
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