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Default Re: Game Design Challenge: Speak Up!

Originally Posted by TCurtis View Post
paulfabella - Unfortunately, we can't feature every entry we receive for our Game Design Challenges. That doesn't mean your entries are being ignored, it's just that our editors can only pick so many entries per challenge! We welcome (and encourage) you to keep submitting your entries to

As an aside, the results for the Speak Up! challenge are now live:
Well if that's the case, then there's no sense in submitting entries if they are just put aside and become forgotten.

This is a community right? Why not use it? People rarely posts in this forums because it lacks interest. How about having people make blogs of their entries and post the links in this thread? and so others can see it and can share feedbacks, comments, suggestions, encouragements, critics, and so on.

Also, at least give some credit or prize of some sort to those who had submitted a good entry. Otherwise, there's too less motivation for participants and some might think that you're just ripping out ideas from their entries and other negative impressions.
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