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I was wondering about a "Certificate" Program at ASU. It says its for Game Development and while I know its not enough to land me a level design gig at an actual studio, do you guys think it would give me enough training to start working on a portfolio?
I just said this in one of the other* forums (adding the words in brackets):
You can get your [4-year bachelor's] degree anywhere, then take your education and build a portfolio.
Then you can take your degree and your portfolio and move to somewhere where they make games, and get a job.
[An Associate's degree isn't enough. And read]

*Actually, now that this thread has been moved, it's in this forum.

Originally Posted by Rick39 View Post
1. I know there's game design schools out there that could get me better prepared, but they're quite a bit of money
2. and honestly i'm terrified of having my only skillset be video games.
3. What if I can't find a job?
4. Or the industry tanks?
5. I know I may be sounding paranoid, but If that does happen, I got nothing.
1. You're smart. You don't need no game degree. Read these:

2. Don't be too worried about that. A degree is not a ball and chain tying you for the rest of your life to a particular field.

3. That's a real possibility.

4. That's not a real possibility.

5. That's not true. See #2 above.
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