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Default Transition from Graphic Designer in Packaging industry to Game UI Designer

I am looking for insights from people currently in the industry. I have read slopes FAQs but having something specific I am hoping someone will be able to answer. I am currently a graphic designer for a large company that deals in retail consumer electronics products and home electronic products. I have been in the industry for 8 years working with very large retail accounts. I have experience with web site design and coding HTML/CSS. I also have experience in 3D Design and used to teach a class at a local Community College but haven't kept up with it for almost 10 years. All that aside, I only have an associates degree in Graphic Design. No BA.

I am looking to make a transition to a UI graphic designer and the only thing that has been bothering me is that I don't have a BA and I have no actual game industry work experience. If my portfolio is strong enough (game UI(menu) designs) will I still have a chance to get a position over some kid who is fresh out of a game design school?
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