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Default Bad at math and science, should I still major in comp science?

I wasn't really sure where this would go, since it is more of a mix between programming and I suppose this would be a good section. Though, I know the general basic concepts of the industry..been looking into this for years now.

I'll try to make this short...but is going to end up being a tl;dr, so my high goal is to become a game designer "specifically a content designer or writer"...and I have this idea to work up in the ranks by starting as a programmer since nobody walks into a studio and says "I'M GOING TO CREATE THE NEXT FALLOUT !"

I have been working on my programming skills for a year or two now with C++/C# as advice from you guys. So far, I find it to be not that hard. I do these weekly programming challenges on another forum and make basic text story games...more for myself just for practice I suppose. I figure it is better than doing nothing but dreaming.

Even though the programming side is easy for me, my actual math and science skills are not good. Ironically, I am really good at Social Studies and English being in all the AP stuff for those...which is more useless with a Computer Science major. I fear this will not help me at all with majoring in computer Science and I don't see myself having a revolution and suddenly being a math master.

I fear that if I have troubles with just high school Algebra and Physics, then I am just waiting for a boat-load of problems in college majoring in Computer Science. I am not sure if I really want to do one of those Game Development majors as I hear bad things, but what do you guys think?
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