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Default Re: Studying Psychology, but I want to write and come up with Ideas for vgs.

Originally Posted by caatttiie View Post
1. I don't completely understand being a Game Designer.
2. I want ... to write scripts for it, too.
3. I just have no idea where to begin with careers. I'm a junior in highschool,
4. How does one become a script writer,
5. or come up with an idea.
6. How can I put this idea of mine in writing
7. into reality?
8. What do I need to do to become recongized
9. and put in charge?
1. Then read this:
2. Then study creative writing.
3. First, finish high school. Then get a college degree. In your spare time, and after graduation, make a portfolio that demonstrates your awesome abilities.
4. Read
5. You said you already have come up with ideas. So you already know how.
6. Read and
7. Read
8. Get a degree, make a portfolio, then get a job in games.
9. Read
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