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Default Production Assistant and Credentials

Hi, everyone.

I am currently on my 3rd year of the JET Program in Japan and I am looking to move on from my current position into some game companies. I was an English teacher for 2 years, but have been a advisor and event coordinator at the board of education where I live. My Japanese is conversational and I am hoping to get it to business by the summer. I have talked to a few guys in the industry about my credentials and landing either a marketing or production assistant role. Ultimately, a PA is something I would like to start as because I would like to become a producer somewhere down the line, since I have some experience and skill in team management.

I am kind of curious about my credentials and how much they would help me land a job like a PA, or something in Marketing/PR. I am sure my Japanese could help me out for some Japanese based companies, but I would like to think my job as an advisor would help me as well.

Any insight/advice on this would be really appreciated! Thank you!
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