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Default Re: If I had a script...

Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
I assume you're interested in feedback on your story (or your writing) and not on a game idea. I think you'd be best served by posting it on the Writing For Games forum.
Hi Tom,

Thanks for that link, but unfortunately this is one of the places my 'story turned adaption from advice' never got through without the 'where's the game mechanics' belt down.

To be honest I never got a 'good straight down the line' answer other than 'game mechanics failure' and forgetfulness every time I posted there.

So if that is the same here, or everywhere, The KB's aren't needed to be wasted again by the sounds of things? Why do you upload files to Gamedev you might ask? Because unfortuantely their copy and paste system is a laugh, and you have to go back into your post when someone says 'give you a heads up, but you might want to check on your word spacing' and rework your pitch, yeh thats a bit annoying.

Classic moment of a forum who you have to pay money for to pitch your idea to for 'help and advice'.

Nothing in life is for free I guess, lucky I am a positive bloke at the end of it all

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