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Default Re: Meritorious College for Programming?

Originally Posted by Nocturnal'sShadow View Post
So, currently, I'm in Middle School (8th grade, Honors classes) and studying coding(two days and counting) Fairly good grades: 3.75 gpa. Now, I am wondering, simply for future reasons, what would be a college to go to for studying programming. Like nearly everyone here, I plan to get into the gaming dev scene and I'm hoping for you wonderful chaps to help me out.
It depends on what you want to spend for school. For state colleges, I like OSU and UW-Madison, those are regional to me (mid-west). ASU (and I think UC-Berkeley) is great for western. Not sure for the east coast.

Edit: 8th grade is about when I started... Wiki "ProDOS" to see what I started on, lol.

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