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Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
Anything is possible, but if you want to maximize your chances, you'll get a four-year degree (assuming you are fresh out of high school or not yet out of high school), and you'll work at building a solid portfolio.

Attitude is definitely important.
Hoping is okay, but hoping won't get you there.
There are okay ways to try for the thing you want to accomplish, and there are better ways.

We can't tell you everything in these posts, and our posting links to fuller information elsewhere (like the articles on my site, and on, for instance) is not laziness or snottiness on our part. You need to realize that since it's your life, it's up to you to read, and research, and read more, and think, and have a good attitude towards learning and growing. It will take time.
It certainly will take time, and it will be time well spent.

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