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Default Re: Portfolio Critique Wanted

Originally Posted by brettcarel View Post
1. I am just getting ready to send out my resume to a bunch of different game companies.
2. I am looking to transition from my field in packaging and marketing to a Graphic Designer in the game industry.
3. My current portfolio is primarily in packaging and marketing.
4. I have UI experience, I just need to reflect it in my portfolio.
5. My skills are more applicable to the publishing side than the development right now.
1. Long-distance?? From what I can tell, you live in Oklahoma. If you aren't looking for freelance package design work, you're going about this the wrong way.
2. The game industry doesn't use graphic designers all that much -- mostly packaging, manuals, websites, ads, stuff like that. See #5.
3. Then the only thing you'll be hired for (if anything) is packaging and marketing.
4. Yes. You need to tailor your portfolio for the thing you want to do.
5. Most definitely. So what you need to do, then, is move to a publishing hub, OR make a development portfolio, then move to a development hub.

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