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Default Ringling College of Art and Design---Opinions, please!

Hi there,

I'm a senior who wants to become a Game Artist/Game Designer. I live in Washington so I've been considering Digipen and Art Institutes of Seattle.
I was pretty bent on going to the Art Institutes's Program until a little while ago, when I learned that their employability rate is substantially lower than Digipen's because their curriculum doesn't meet industry standards. :/

As an alternative to Digipen's super-expensive tuition, I was also considering Ringling College in Florida, because I have grandparents who live in Naples... but, I don't want to go there if their curriculum is no different than Art Institutes, because of moving costs... and the fact that Ringling's tuition is just a little bit higher than AI's...

So if anybody could provide me with their feedback about Ringling, It would be a big help.

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