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There is this thing with has this jojo-effect. Hoping everything will be fine can quickly turn into the opposite when you realise everything is going down, it will be a good experience for yourself, cause you will see how your personality will change into a more responsible one, cause I think those guys at brisbane... they have seen tones of people just like you, they will support you, but you have to get to the personality that I mentioned earlier. The subjects will be easy to understand, but you will have to inspire yourself on and on to the point where you want to go! It will be hard, but I think you have the stubborness to do so! So theres my question. Why do you want feedback when I absolutely get the feeling that you have already decided to do so? Why not just DO IT!

The main thing is, no matter where you are, what you are doing, what quality that school is, I dont now...its you who makes the decisions who will lead you to the point where you want to come. And do remember failure is allways an option in live...not the best final words I guess

PS.: I am sorry if I was to aggressive, but you see I am really loving Live Internet and Video Games, and I excuse my bad english if there is any
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