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Default Re: Need some crit/advice for portfolio please

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your work! I've been an environment artist for 2+ years and here are my honest 2-cents.

My first feedback is your portfolio pieces are of a wide range of qualities. This is common among students and new professionals because they are going through a "growth spurt" skill-wise, but it's not the best way to sell your portfolio. Most people agree that you should only put in your strong pieces and leave out the ones that are "meh". It is far better for art directors to contact you and ask if you have any more work to show than for them to turn away upon seeing your worst piece.

Your best piece in the portfolio is the gun. If you have some time, I would suggest really touching up the gun and improve poly efficiency. There are way too many cuts on the box that's on the gun's side/rear, and maybe a few too many on the front armor plate. Rule of the thumb for game modeling is to ask yourself if each polygon and each cut has a reason to be there. I would suggest either polish the texture a lot and try to make it seem clear (look online for how pro's present their textures,) and show the texture in a much bigger format, or just omit the texture altogether.

I recommend removing the following pieces: the swamp wooden bridge/dock, the fort, and the medieval weapons. In their stead, consider creating a set of environment props (tables+ chairs, houses, whatever... 2-3 pieces that go together.) You need to think about reusing texture space as well. If you are building stairs (like the fort,) do not map out each step. The more efficient and professional way is to create 2-3 variations of the steps and use them over and over again. Things like that.

I hope this makes sense somewhat. I highly recommend hitting up sites like and ask for feedback on your work. Please feel free to message me if you'd like additional help.

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