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Thanks for the response. I apologize if I was being too vague, let me elaborate.

I've always been an enthusiast for games, and I had a great idea for a game that I've been fleshing out for sometime. Over the course of that time I've spoken to some individuals (Who are all really awesome at what they do), and were interested in getting the game together. I've already written a Game Design Document, and the process itself is well underway.

I suppose, the main topic of "where to start" is how I should "mold" the direction of where this team is going. While I understand it really all depends on what happens after, I'd like to have a plan going forward, so that I'm prepared. I don't want to let my team down.


What I mean by "overwhelmed" isn't about the amount of stuff that I need to know, I understand that both the process and logistics of making a game is huge. What I'm overwhelmed about is the different topics and terminologies concerning the topic that I don't know where to begin learning or researching. So I suppose what I'm really asking for is "where to start, in terms of learning the ropes." So an outline, framework, or real life examples of how "small indie teams" shot up to become a "company" or small gaming start ups from an individual (Such as a fellow named Josh Buckley that I've been reading up on) would really help.

That link you gave me is exactly the kind of resource I was looking for. Thanks so much.

Once again, I'm definitely prepared to spend countless nights researching and learning to familiarize with this. Therefore, any additional resources you can share is greatly appreciated.
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