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Default Re: Tips for Learning Game Design?

Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
1. Tips for Learning Game Design?
2. I'd like to mostly do story writing and character backgrounds/story
3. I figure that a game designer who can do other things in such a broad field would probably be more useful.
4. Yet before even trying to get school for such things and spending money on classes I want to make sure that it will be something I will enjoy and can get the hang of. So does anyone have any tips for self teaching yourself game designing skills?
5. Also, what skills are vital to learn when it comes to game design?
1. Yes. Read
2. We call that "writing." You'd want to get a creative writing degree.
3. Yes, well, you have to be able to do those other things in order to get the designer job in the first place. Read
4. Sure. Read and
5. Communication first and foremost. Speaking, writing. Computer skills (I'm not saying programming ability.) Game fluency.
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