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Default Re: Helpful Advice for a COMPLETE (non-traditional) Beginner!

Quoth Lady Vane:
1- I have a lot of experience as a performer, a musician (not a composer, but I like making arrangements) and a writer. How would these skills apply to the field of game design?
2- Quite a few schools ask for or recommend or require a portfolio. What are they looking for, and what’s the best way to go about building one up?
3- There are a lot of schools out there who offer degrees in game art and design, and not all of them have great reviews. How do I separate the winners from the scammers?
4- Are there any good (English language) schools outside the US with programs in game design?
5- What sort of jobs should I look for NOW that will benefit me, should I decide to pursue a career in the field of game design?
6- I’m 23 years old. Do I have to take the SATs and the ACTs again?
7- What are some of the off-paper costs of going to school for game design? AKA, how much money am I going to be dropping on software?
8- Do you have any suggestions on how to finance my education so my head doesn't explode from all the student loans? (I already have some from my last degree)
1. They apply okay. Not sure what you're asking.
2. Depends on what kind of degree you're seeking: Art? Programming? Design? Level design? Audio? I wrote about portfolios in FAQ 12 on my site (see my signature).
3. We don't necessarily recommend game school degrees. The degree you should get is the degree that you want and can reasonably afford to pay off after graduation. Read FAQs 34 and 44 and 25 on my site.
4. Why do you insist on a game design school? Read FAQ 3.
5. The only one you are qualified for now is QA. Read FAQ 5.
6. You would have to ask the school that question before you apply.
7. Depends. Don't worry about the cost of software. The education is a LOT more expensive.
8. Yes. Read FAQ 65 and FAQ 41.
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