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Default Re: A couple specific questions on breaking into the VG industry

Originally Posted by JustOneWillingSoul View Post
0. Here is a very quick background on me for reference:
a-Degree + certificates
b-I have a small portfolio that I need to increase,
c-Interested in game audio/music, game design/development, writing (comprehensive), and programming (in that order)
d-Not interested in graphic design, production or management
1. Should I pursue additional coursework ... or create an excellent portfolio?
2. I like to be a "jack of all trades" ... do you think it would be better to be as comprehensive as possible... or would I be better served to focus?
3. Any specific reading recommendations
4.a. I do not currently have my own website. How high up on the priority list would creating a website be
4.b.Also, is it worth shelling out the extra cash to get hosting that does not require advertisements, or would a site on a free-hosting service be looked upon without much discredit?
0.a. Good.
0.b. What's stopping you?
0.c. Shorten the list. Audio/music is tops. Focus there.
0.d. Lengthen that list.
1. Portfolio.
2. Better to focus. The fact that you have those other interests/talents is fine, but to get a job you have to have focus.
3. My website (see sig, click the yellow box).
4.a. Very.
4.b. No. A free site is okay, as long as the ads don't get in the way of seeing your portfolio.
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