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Default Re: A couple specific questions on breaking into the VG industry

Tom and Destin,

Thanks for your replies. Tom, I've used your site many times before; the nicely categorized organization is great when you have something specific you want to get some color on. Destin, I'm checking out your site for the first time and it looks excellent; I'm sure I'll find great use for it going forward.

Tom, based on your emphatic "yes" on creating a website, I'm going to get started on that immediately. I've created a website before with Dreamweaver and made simple graphics with Illustrator and Photoshop, but I'm certainly far from speedy or outstanding at it.

Any recommendations for hosting? I've heard good things about Wordpress, and I imagine a template-based service would be quicker and easier for my purposes.

Also, any thoughts on attracting traffic to a blog/portfolio website? Advice on content?

Thanks again!

Matthew Waldron
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