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Default Hello, I am looking for degree advice on VG industry.

Hi, before I start let me thank you so much for reading and posting advice. Once again, thank you for your time.

My name is Andre, I am a 22 year old college student seeking a opportunity to break into the video game industry just like many others. Just like everyone in the VG industry, I been an avid gamer for majority of my life and enjoy playing them. But it stems more then just playing them, I love understanding them and breaking them down like a piece of code. I have basic understanding in many subjects of VG industry such as; programming, concept art, 3d modeling, animating, and business fundamentals. I seek to produce and make my own game in the near future with my very own company.

To create my own video game business and establish quality games that players like me will enjoy.

To express my self in video games and create something that no one has ever dreamed of.

I would like to be in position where I can decide what gets to be in the game. I would like to design new mechanics and get rid of parts of the game that will cause a problem in the future. To understand what it takes to create a game and learn from past mistakes by providing a new product that players can enjoy.

I constantly think of ways to improve my self and my future. This is also a double edge sword for me because I can't seem to be satisfied with my decision. Which leads to me trying to find new questions to ask my self. These are some plans I gave my self to prepare myself, feel free to tear them down and explain to me what I can do to improve my plans.

1. I decided to get my BS in computer science at my local Uni and try my hardest to get good grades for my graduate degree. After completing my BS, I will then transfer after creating a good quality portfolio to SMU: Guildhall for my masters in video game design. In the meantime, I will try to get my foot in the door by applying for interns or anything that will help with my video game experience. Then push my way into the industry and start my real challenge.

2. Get a degree in business, and try to find a way to get into the VG industry through the business side of the industry. By doing this I can get to know the business purpose of how to manage a company, which will help me understand how I can create my very own video game company. After saving money and networking with other producers and such, I will then try my chance at creating my own video game industry. Nothing is easy but nothing is impossible.

3.If you have any advice on planning please feel free to drop something in this section and Ill get back to you. Thank You

1.Before I get into what type of degree I want, I would like to ask the following question about the VG industry. My end goal is to have my very own company but that is something in the far far future and right now I must understand more about the industry. So my question is, If I am looking to be someone who gets to sit in meetings and talk about the "blue prints" of a game and decide what type of mechanics would work in certain parts of the game and basically design it from scratch, What type of job would be closely resemble something of that description?

2.At this moment in my life, I am about to get ready to decide what type of degree I should choose. After reading the above question, what type of degree would fit to someone who is trying to fill in one of those positions? Explain.

3.Right now I am currently theory planning a business degree and wondering if that would be a wise choice for a degree to get into the VG industry?

If you have any questions or advice that will not fit in any of these questions, please feel free to post it and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You
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