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Default Re: Hello, I am looking for degree advice on VG industry.

Originally Posted by raistmere View Post
1.a. If I am looking to be someone who gets to sit in meetings and talk about the "blue prints" of a game
1.b. and decide what type of mechanics would work in certain parts of the game and basically design it from scratch, What type of job would be closely resemble something of that description?

2. what type of degree would fit to someone who is trying to fill in one of those positions? Explain.

3.Right now I am currently theory planning a business degree and wondering if that would be a wise choice for a degree to get into the VG industry?
1.a. Everybody on the team gets to participate in that.

1.b. Obviously you're talking about the role of Game Designer (or Lead Designer or Design Director). But I'm sure you knew that already.

2. Since your eventual goal is to run your own company, I think you should study Business. And read - and too.

3. Of course (since you want to run a company eventually). This should be obvious, no?
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