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Default Re: Hello, I am looking for degree advice on VG industry.

The folks that typically do this at the early stage of game development for a game studio are experienced leaders (of all disciplines) or experienced senior designers. Unless you are working alone or with a couple of people on an indie title, you will not likely find yourself doing this type of activity for the first several years you are in the business. Ultimately the best shot of doing this type of work is to become a Producer or Lead Designer.
Thank You. A question I have concerning Lead Designer: I notice that majority of the people hired for this position are already experienced in the video game industry under certain past positions (programmer, artist, animator, etc), as you stated. The question is, would education increase my chances to becoming a lead designer or is seniority/experience in the company a huge factor in this equation? For example; Achieving a BS in CS and a Masters in Video game design.

Personally, I think that the BS in Computer Science is all you need. With that and your drive you can find a way into the industry and work your way into the rolls that you want faster and with more hands-on applicable experience than trying to also get design and business related degrees.
Thank you for your insight. I will now research a little more on what I need to achieve my goal.

I don't think so. I can see the potential value here in helping you start your own business in the future, but I think that the Computer Science degree is all you need to achieve your goals.
Thank You

I've created a website that is aimed directly at someone like you. Check it out at
Thank you for the link. The more information I can gain the better I can understand what I am up against.

1.a. Everybody on the team gets to participate in that.
I see what your saying. I only wish there was a degree specialized in this position and you can apply for it just like applying for a programmer or artist. It seems more of a experience/years in the company position that can only be earned through hard work and a drive to make video games.

1.b. Obviously you're talking about the role of Game Designer (or Lead Designer or Design Director). But I'm sure you knew that already.
Correct I did. Just wanted some clarification if that was the correct position that I described. I know all the positions but their descriptions may vary in some companies. Instead, I decided to state exactly what I would like to do in the company and see if my description would fit any of the positions in the VG industry. Once again, Thanks for your information.

Since your eventual goal is to run your own company, I think you should study Business.
If I had the money I would love to stick it out and make my own company. But in the meantime, I better learn what it takes and see if I can gain enough trust from different producers and start something. Still, a business degree is something I can use in the long run. Still researching my options. Both paths sounds possible.

Thank you both for your input on this matter.
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