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Default Re: Hello, I am looking for degree advice on VG industry.

1. A question I have concerning Lead Designer: I notice that majority of the people hired for this position are already experienced in the video game industry
2. The question is, would education increase my chances to becoming a lead designer
3. or is seniority/experience in the company a huge factor in this equation?
4. I only wish there was a degree specialized in this position
5. and you can apply for it just like applying for a programmer or artist.
6. It seems more of a experience/years in the company position that can only be earned through hard work...
1. Yes. You don't get to become a Lead until you have proven yourself. That's the way it is with positions of responsibility and trust in the business world.
2. Sure. Education increases your chances of getting hired. Getting hired increases your chances of attaining higher positions.
3. Yes. You can't attain a higher position without first getting hired. Education is a prerequisite for getting hired.
4. Who said there isn't? (Not that you really need one, since any degree can get you there.)
5. We can't change reality for you. Instead of wishing, just get to work. In addition to planning for your education, you can start now to build a portfolio.
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