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Post College question

Hello everybody, glad to become a member of this great community. I have been struggling with some decisions here the past couple of weeks and figured I better start getting online and asking some people who know alot better than I. I am trying to get into the video game business.

Anyways at the moment I am attending a community college in an attempt to obtain my Associates degree. Currently I am going for an embedded systems technology degree which involves alot more than what you would think the link is here.
I would be taking the elective of c# 1, c# 2, c++ 1, c++ 2, developing game and graphics, advanced game design, mobility networks programming(besides the core classes these 7 electives are what I would choose from the option requirements). I would most likely take a few extra math classes as well.

Secondly after my two years there I would transfer to this school which has a game design and simulation Bachelors degree which appears to be a pretty solid class, here is the link.
The classes here is pretty well laid out, and it does seem create quite a nice portfolio for trying to break into the game industry.

My question being would these two different schools be enough for me to possibly break into the industry? I have been working quite hard on c++ programming on my own, and I know a degree is almost a must have nowadays even with a fair amount of skill. I just want to make sure that these two school options arent going to be a complete waste of my time.
If you could take the time to look at these it would be much appreciated.

By the way, advanced game design currently works on making an xbox 360 game (parts of it) if that is any such help. Thank you very much if you took the time to help me out, ill be on tommorow to check results. Again thank you so much. !
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