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Default Re: College question

I really am looking forward towards getting this degree, I was just trying to make sure that the second school especially (Bachelors degree one) was a legitamite school. What I'm getting at is I've heard alot of schools throw up these "video game design" classes in hopes to drag in hopefuls like me, and by the time you graduate your really not much better off then you were in the first place. I was somewhat hoping you people who did go to school or who are in the video game industry could point me in the right direction saying yah or nah to this university. They have quite a list of classes, but then again it wouldnt be to hard for any college to set up these overnight pop up classes as well.

Anywyas Im sorry if offended anyone on here by posting up my class criteria, I've just been so confused on what to do. I do know it will take lots of hard work, I just dont want to be working hard on the wrong criteria you know? Thanks again those two links were quite helpful.
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