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Originally Posted by Randysgamecorner View Post
Hello, my name is Randy (as you can tell VIA username).
I'm 17 years old and a Junior in high school, I've been a huge gamer, probably since the age of 5 when I could hold a controller and follow / read the directions of what needed to be done in the game. As I grew older more complex games began to interest me, more complicated, like any MMO with an economy. I'm horrible at math if you you aren't holding my attention where as in games where 90% of my life attention is spent on it I can very well pay attention to in game mathematics. Anyways, I'm young and originally I wanted to go into a field of Forensic science for a good 4 years, but over the past, I'd say 6-12 month period I've got more into gaming and wanted to pursue a career in gaming (mostly MMO or RPG like gaming). But I have no idea what choice to make I wanted to learn the C++ scripting language but as it may seem difficult and I may not enjoy it, I wanted some feed back on what other gaming career I should pursue, anything you (the public) would find interesting. Please write back or send me a message, I'd love to hear back from anybody who can help or give me any sort of advice about where I should begin.
Thank you, RandysGameCorner.
Hi Randy,

There is a free online Stanford course on Programming Methodology that will likely help you decide if programming is for you or not. It's a great course that includes video lectures on YouTube and all the necessary programs and info online for free. Check it out here:

To help you with the bigger picture, understanding the industry and what choices you have available to you, take a look at

Good luck! There is a ton you can do right now to get started on your career.


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