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Default Re: Concept artist / Illustrator needs advise

Ohh, I've seen that vampire lady painting before Nice work.

If you want to work for the game industry, focus on design. Think of yourself as an industrial designer + fashion designer + interior designer + zoologist. Think about your art from a gamer's perspective: how does this monster attack? How will the player navigate the environment?

Cool mood and good painting technique always help, but the focus of game concept art is the ability to churn out a lot of ideas, iterate on them based on art director's feedback, and quickly switch between tasks.

As for how to contact a company, check out this website: if you haven't already. Find the location you'd like to work at and look at the list of companies there. Or, if you have a preferred company, just look up their website and go through the career page. Not many companies even send out rejection letters anymore, but contact a lot of them and you are bound to hear back from some.
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