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Default Re: What is degree's long-term effect on a career?

Thank you for the information. I have read various articles on your website, Mr. Sloper, and they were very helpful!

Right now, it's clear for me that the need of a any degree is non-existent if I want to take on the adventure of being completely independent. However, a bachelor degree doesn't only grant more respect in general, but is a must-have for fulfilling the minimum social respect need where I live.

So, the need, the prestige, the richer choices that a degree grants on the long run, and the academic life experience are 4 reasons for me to still consider taking a degree, not to mention that the right degree should be passionate enough to be a joy to study.

If I take a degree, a much cheaper and less time-consuming choice than a respected and rich multimedia/game/animation degree for me, to take while still working, is a part time online bachelor in management, marketing, graphic design, or even a branch of computer science (I am bringing up a lot of suggestions because I still need to discover what my passions are; I know that I am late, too).

- If I take any of those 4 (or more) bachelors, and it was accredited, is it possible to continue with a master in any of the fields of animation, video game or interactive multimedia design/art/programming?

- So let's assume that I graduate with any of those 4 bachelors, with an independent game development experience of 4-5 years and at least one commercially published game, if I decide to seek employment, how much could any of those 4 bachelors affect my chances? I.E. How much are those degrees respected and needed?

- Well, I guess that all or at least 3 out of 4 definitely have job opportunities, but how am I likely to be accepted for an art or design position with any of them? And how would I compare to other workers with more relevant degrees?

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