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Default Re: What is degree's long-term effect on a career?

Originally Posted by SinanDira View Post
1- If I take any of those 4 (or more) bachelors, and it was accredited, is it possible to continue with a master in any of the fields of animation, video game or interactive multimedia design/art/programming?
2- So let's assume that I graduate with any of those 4 bachelors, with an independent game development experience of 4-5 years and at least one commercially published game, if I decide to seek employment, how much could any of those 4 bachelors affect my chances?
3- I.E. How much are those degrees respected
4- and needed?
5- Well, I guess that all or at least 3 out of 4 definitely have job opportunities, but how am I likely to be accepted for an art or design position with any of them?
6- And how would I compare to other workers with more relevant degrees?
1- Yes. Anything is possible.
2. A lot.
3. It depends on who the respecter (or disrespecter) is, and what the situation is.
4. It depends. Needed by whom, for what?
5. If you want an art job, get an art degree and build a spectacular portfolio. If you want a design job, get any degree, choose an entry pathway, and build an excellent resume.
6. That depends on you.
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