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Default Re: Level Design Planning Help


Thanks for your response. I feel like if I know how to go about making a portfolio and doing the things that would be required of, I could. Level design, as I understand it, appeals to me greatly. And the idea of modding is something me and a friend are very interested in (him being much more interested in the artistic portions of video game development). We plan on working on a zombie mod for Fallout 3 once I can get a more advanced computer.

I do see what you mean about being self motivated, and I have to admit that often times, I'm not motivated to do things that I'm not interested in, however I have always been a strong performer in school and I believe that with proper guidance, I can build a portfolio that I would be proud to show others. Plus, the idea of working on a team to make something as great as a video game appeals to me so strongly, I don't think I could pass it up.

You said that you are about to graduate with a four year degree? Do you mind if I ask where from and how you went about learning everything about design that gave you the confidence to pursue a career in the gaming industry? I feel like I'm completely lost despite the fact that there are tons of websites devoted to teaching people about how to make it into the gaming industry. I would very much like to talk to someone who recently got a job as a level designer from a similar background as me and see the path he took.
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