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Default Re: Coming from another industry, clueless where to start

Originally Posted by morgendonner View Post
1. I went to college and graduated with a bachelors
... after graduating... working as an engineer for a year.
2. I quit my job because I was not happy with it.
3. After a lot of self examination I decided I wanted to pursue a job in videogames.
4. I've been trying to teach myself Blender but I'm not sure how worthwhile q pursuit this is.
5. Do I need to go back to school for another degree?
6. Can I just start applying to jobs?
7. Should I focus on making some levels using game engines or something and then apply?
1. Perhaps you've heard that the longer you're out of work the harder it is to get hired?

2. Terrible reason! Think of a better reason to tell interviewers.

3. Okay. Doing what game job exactly?

4. It's worthwhile if you enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you shouldn't have to ask if it's worthwhile.

5. No. You don't.

6. No. You can't.

7. Yes. Exactly.
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