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Default Searching for Clarity

Hi, I've come to this forum to get some clarity.

First I'll give you guys some history about myself.

At the end of high school I didn't know what I wanted to do. I kinda felt like I knew I wanted to go to a school for animation and game design but I didn't know where to go or start, so I decided to go to a community college in KY and with the help of my father, I got an associates degree in computer science. After I graduated from there, I went to EKU for about a year and a half. There I meet people that had decided to do what I should have done. Watching them work on their skills encouraged me to as well. They got me into animation and design using Blender. I continued my education in programming and we almost made a game together. When I was doing all that, I was happy. I knew that I had found something I liked, that I would love to have a career at.

I have some knowledge of programming. I have some self taught knowledge of 3D animation. My questions are....

What is more important, the piece of paper that says you have a degree in some part of Game Design or becoming a hobbyist? What are employers looking for? Also, what has greater pull, online or classroom degrees? Is the portfolio the key to getting in?

I am glad I joined this forum, I appreciate any help at all
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