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Default Re: Coming from another industry, clueless where to start

Thanks for the replies so far everyone.

I have another question. Right now I've decided I would be best served to get myself a job just to make some money and be doing something productive.

My question is this - Are there any logical middle ground jobs that could help me parlay into video games? I would say in terms of jobs that appeal to me within video games, I think production sounds to be my sweet spot. I think my personality fits very well to somebody who gets involved a little bit with everything and project management. I know that this however is a job is usually hired internally and few people start out in production. So I would say game design is the spot I'm most interested in starting in.

Are there any certain jobs I should be looking at right now that I could springboard off of into the video game industry? Or would any mechanical engineering job work for now? Certainly that'll keep my task management and critical thinking skills sharp.
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