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Default Re: From South to North

Thanks a lot for your answers and your website guiding all of us Tom.

I'm in a similar position as Jessica. I'm from Ecuador, but instead of going to America I'm moving to Canada.

As you said, my priority should be to get a working visa, but I think that I also have to plan for the long run and get the permanent residence too. That's why I'm moving to Saskatchewan or Manitoba, there's seems to be more opportunities there to actually get the residence.

Unfortunately my research has showed me that there's almost no industry in those provinces. I read your lessons where you said Location, Location, Location, and that I have to move where the companies are. And yes, I will do that after I get the residence, in the meantime, while working in creating portfolio, which work would you recommend me to get that is related to Game dev and the experience is valuable?, my only guess is software development.

My name is Ricardo Valenzuela, I live in Ecuador where sadly there's no IGDA chart. I plan to go to GDC '13 and I want to become a game designer.
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