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Default Queries regarding QA and video game design

I am a BE computer Science(Indian version of BS) 4th year student living in India. I have passion for games, have average programming skills and have artistic skills(I have been playing guitar from last 7 years and I can draw and paint and have written stories and poems).
I want to be a Video Game Designer and as it is not an entry level job, so I want Advice regarding my following questions.

1. Will job as video game QA help me in becoming video game designer?

2. Is entering the industry as video game QA advisable?If not then please suggest alternatives.

3. If yes for QA, and as QA is not permanent job,Is moving out of India(not my QA job openings in India) for QA advisable?If not please suggest alternatives.

Sorry for any typos or any mistakes. Thank you for your time.

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