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Default Re: How do you start designing a game?

I don't think its a multi-player vs single-player thing.

I mean, I hear Diablo 3 has pretty good story-telling in it. That can be a multiplayer thing. Same with the new Star Wars MMO.

I guess my problem is basically, I feel like we are still discovering how to tell stories in games. I think most games do it poorly. For instance, I thought LA Noire was a really weird mishmash of movie and game. The cutscenes would last multiple minutes, and were really good, and made me want them to not end... but when they did end, I was no longer in game-playing mode. I wanted to watch a movie!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a game with a cool story. It really let you discover the story as you went and never drowned you in exposition like a lot of games do. And the story was very subtle. And of course Portal is another game with a great story.

So you're right that games can have stories, but a lot of AAA games don't tell the stories too well, in my opinion.
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