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Default Re: How hard for a international student finding a job?

Originally Posted by joeyyoung View Post
1. I've been working in game industry as project manager and designer for 4years in china.
Now I have a plan to take a master program... and... find a job [in the USA] to balance the budget of the tuition after graduated.
Why is it so important for me finding a job in America? If I went back to China back to my former game developing career, it will take much much longer to recall my education cost.
I am considering:
2. According to your exprience, which one could bring me a better job prospect?
3. How are the career opportunities at the present time?
4. How much chance you think for a international student like me would have?
1. It sounds like cost is a big consideration for you, and I think that's appropriate. I think you should make cost a highly important part of your decision grid, I think you should de-prioritize for-profit schools in your decision grid, and you should consider more than just two schools in your decision grid. And I need to ask: why are you getting the masters degree? What are you going to learn that's going to make you a better candidate?

2. No idea. You might not be able to get a good answer to this question for your decision grid - which means that other factors will need to weigh more heavily in your decision.

3. The economy is bad right now.

4. If you have legal working status in the US, then your China experience will help a lot. It's likely that nobody will care much that you have a masters degree.

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