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Lightbulb Recommended career fields( in gaming) for my talents

Hello! I know I'm that the first person to post something like this, but this is of high importance to me. I've been searching numerous websites, books, and webseries (ex. sloperama, Book of Lenses, Extra Credits) about the game industry because I wish to have a career in the industry. The problem is that I don't know what field I'm most passionate about; except programming ( I got my feet wet in programming and didn't enjoy it). Could you please assess some of my talents and passions and suggest a possible career in the game industry that you think I would most enjoy? Thank you for reading and possibly answering my request.
*I'm an upcoming junior in high school, but I want to start preparing for the future now. Possible fields I've considered going into to are game design, music, or writing. A school I've looked into extensively is University of Southern California and it's Interactive Media Program.*
-I have a lot of experience as a musician, a performer ( I enjoy arranging things so that I could play them, but I struggle to compose original pieces).
-I'm a skilled artist; most proficient in pencil-drawing, but I'm learning how to use photoshop.
- I enjoy creative writing more so than technical writing. I'm taking AP English which is mostly technical writing and analysis.
- I truly enjoy crafting mechanics and levels that tie in to the story, which in turn, compliment the entire narrative.
- My biggest flaw that I've been consistently trying to improve is communication ( outside of writing). I researched how communication is one of the most important skills that a game designer needs. I tend to speak too fast or without thought, which leaves the listener confused.
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