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Default Re: Recommended career fields( in gaming) for my talents

Originally Posted by GameSoundMe View Post
1. I don't know what field I'm most passionate about;
2. Could you please assess some of my talents and passions and suggest a possible career in the game industry that you think I would most enjoy?
3. Possible fields I've considered going into to are game design, music, or writing.
4. My biggest flaw that I've been consistently trying to improve is communication ( outside of writing). I researched how communication is one of the most important skills that a game designer needs. I tend to speak too fast or without thought, which leaves the listener confused.
1. It's not unusual that you don't know this yet. Don't worry. You don't need to have one focus right now. It will come in time (and then it might change later).
2. No. This is something YOU have to decide. It's YOUR life.
3. Good, you've narrowed it down to three. Keep doing that creative stuff you enjoy.
4. It's good that you know that. You can work on it. Try getting into classes and activities that will help you with your verbal communications - debate, speech, drama/comedy, stuff like that.
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