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Default Re: Need Help!! A critical decision in my life

hi, tsloper,

Thank you for providing those valuable links. I will be going over them shortly.

The reason why I consider taking a career training or vocational school after graduation as a must is due to the curriculum of my current school.

As I've mentioned, the school is trying to cover too many topics and many courses are poorly designed. It makes me feels like having Art 11 back in highschool; you spent 2 to 3 weeks on drawing, 2 to 3 weeks on painting, 2 to 3 weeks on sculpture. You won't get anything deep about each medium, but you get to feel what they are like. Furthermore, every single course in SFU-IAT is heavy team project focus; not even one class focuses on individual work. This results in huge gap of performance difference between quality student and slackers. lLogistic issues and all these meetings happen in weird time simply doesn't allow you to do self-cultivated projects while taking full time credit hours.

Not saying that the school is totally bad though. Since I have to work with at least 3 to 4 different teams a term, and maybe even switch teams on a monthly basis, I will say most of the IAT students are pretty comfortable working with team projects under time pressure. Many courses also demand doing presentation on a weekly basis, so people also benefit from that experience too. (how to make beautiful slides, how to BS your way through, and how to cover up stuff you didn't even have time to study)

However, we still have to learn 3D animation starting from polygon model to texture, rigging, lighting until animation and rendering in 4 months.

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