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Default Re: Need Help!! A critical decision in my life

Hi, Tom,

I have finished the links you posted, and I have to say a BIG THANK YOU for providing those information for us aspiring game industry workers. After reading through your columns and FAQ, I am now much more familiar about game designer as a job, and what kind of education I should be looking into. Furthermore, after doing some self exploration and grid chart analysis, I'm also much certain about my own passion and interest.

That being said, I will still apply for Digipen- BAGD, but for a much different reason than before.

I have to say, I'm not a very social person. I am very easy going, but just being very passive in making friends. Thus I do believe its one of the big plus to attend school like Digipen, as I get to build networks among people with same interests.

I hold equal interest in game design and 3D animation. One of my biggest interest besides thinking about unique battle system or strategy gameplay, is finding the design related visual cues or visual representation of game mechanics in video games. As I go through the course sequence in BAGD, it seems that Digipen manage to hold a good balance for the two disciplines, while also providing some basic number of general studies like composition, math, history and philosophy.

I totally understand and agree that a 4 year post secondary education is necessary to better prepare my self for a job. Furthermore, though Im still in my early 3rd year, I do feel the benefits of taking electives from many non-gaming related courses. I constantly notice theories from economy, urban planning, discrete mathematics, and knowledge of many other disciplines being used in games.

That being said, the most valuable gift I receive from a regular university education is being able to do research/analysis on my own, good problem solving skills, understanding the importance of seeking solution in other disciplines, and being able to work under multidisciplinary context.

With such mindset I learned from my years in SFU, I believe I'm ready to pursuit what I'm really passionate about: 3D animation and game mechanic/system design. Combine with the years I spent in SFU, I think this will be a much better path for me.

Thank you for your help Tom, as your valuable information really help me make up my mind and help me understand what I am really looking for.
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