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Default Re: The gaming industry.

Originally Posted by Synkronize View Post
2. Is there a chance that i would ever be able to find a job?
3. I live in Florida would i probably have to relocate to like Cali or something o.O?
4. Also is a game Designer an actual designer like with drawings or is it coding to as it sounds interesting but i am not much of an arts person.
5. I've heard that a Game programmer degree means nothing?
6. If i wanted to know where to get started on learning some programming as i have no clue but i have heard of C and C+ and C++ where would i go?
Hello Syn, sorry that I didn't know what to do with your questions 1 and 7.

2. Yes. Read
(Note: the webhost may be experiencing technical difficulties at the moment; if it doesn't appear properly, just try later.)
But you need to improve your typing skills (especially, you need to use the Shift key whenever you type the word "I").

3. Maybe. Check gamedevmap and gameindustrymap, and read

4. Read and

5. What idiot told you that?

6. You would take classes. Your high school might offer some, or you could take some in college. If you really want to learn programming.
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