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Default Re: The gaming industry.

Q. What is the industry like?
A. It is an industry where every day you can be doing something new and exciting. However, the rewards can be very few and the hours very long. This isn't a hard and fast rule though.

Q. Is there a chance that i would ever be able to find a job?
A. There is always a chance. It ultimately comes down to you.

Q. I live in Florida would i probably have to relocate to like Cali or something o.O?
A. You have to move where the job(s) are.

Q. Also is a game Designer an actual designer like with drawings or is it coding to as it sounds interesting but i am not much of an arts person.

Q. I've heard that a Game programmer degree means nothing?
A. You may have heard that but it doesn't mean it is strictly correct.

Q. If i wanted to know where to get started on learning some programming as i have no clue but i have heard of C and C+ and C++ where would i go?
A. C+ doesn't exist. Otherwise:
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