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Default top 5 games

For me my top 5 i really focused on the games that i enjoyed playing and made me happy to play

Legend of zelda: ocarina of time.

superstar soccer

tony hawk series

Battlefield 2

world of warcraft

Legend of zelda is one of the most fun games to boot. Amazing story and score make me beat this at least once a year.

superstar soccer is not very well known i guess. Just like all the fifa games but i never got into fifa like i did this for some reason.

even though they are not very realistic i spent months playing these games with my brother. If you wake up early for school and play the game just to get extra progress toward the next level you have to put it in ur top 5. I love all the soundtracks especially the first 2.

Battlefield 2 really brought me into competitive gaming when i joined clans and play cal leagues. As long as i dont take losing too badly i could always have fun playing this game.

Alot of people dont like wow. Alot do. I never let it consume my life but this is just a super entertaining game. It really is. It's so massive and allowed me to continue with the lore that i love about the warcraft series. Alot of people wont even try it because they see WoW as uncool or for geeks and nerds. Too bad some people wont give it a try.
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