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Default Details Description in Writing a Game Story

Hi everyone !

I am currently preparing contents for writing a game story. However, there's a problem that I would like to ask for advices from people in the industry. The question is: "Where should I put details descriptions of characters and environments ?"

To clarify my question, there's a part in my story that describe how a flower field scene will be visible after a character has reached the mountain top. As artists will need all these little details to create necessary assets, I wonder if it would be better if I put them in a separate Scene-by-scene Description Document, instead of requiring our artists to read the full story (like a novel) to find out what parts they will have to work on.

Please share me some lights on this problem, thank you very much !

P/S: I'm sorry if my English isn't good enough, I hope it won't cause you any trouble.

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