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Default Re: In need of some guidance

Originally Posted by wgsomerville View Post
1. I am way more interested in game design than I am game programming.
2. I feel like the extra knowledge couldn't hurt.
3. I'd love to look into a game design degree, but I'm just not quite sure how that will help me in the long run.
4. I feel like
5. getting a comp sci degree, and reading up on game design on the side might be more useful.
6. What I'm trying to figure out is where I should go after that.
7. I live in North Carolina,
8. Is QA a good place to get my foot in the door?
9. Or should I (continue to) search for an internship
10. as far as non-industry jobs go, what looks best on a resume?
1. Then you probably should not force yourself to take a degree you're not passionate about. Read FAQ 40 on my site (see sig - click the yellow box).
2. Depends on what qualifies as "hurt." If you are going to have to pay off that extra education for another 10 years, I think that qualifies as "hurt."
3. Whatever happened to "the extra knowledge couldn't hurt"? (^_^) You applied that glib reasoning to a degree you're not passionate about but think you are expected to take, but not to something you are passionate about. Why don't you think about yourself, for once?
4. You keep saying "I feel." That's a college boy phrase. Stop "feeling" your way through life.
5. See my final point, below.
6. So make a decision grid. FAQ 70. List some options for what you might do next, then tally up each option's pros and cons.
7. You need to check out gamedevmap and gameindustrymap. Do research on all the companies in your area.
8. Read FAQ 5.
9. "It couldn't hurt" to do that, but it's not likely to get you far. Consider your resume/portfolio against those of your competitor applicants. Internships usually go to folks whose qualifications outshine yours.
10. Bad question. Just get the jobs you can get. Report job experience truthfully.

Don't try to live a life you imagine some hypothetical employer expects you to live. Life YOUR life the way you WANT to. If you're meant to go into games, your passions will lead you there naturally.
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