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Default What does it take to get that first job?

Hello everyone,

My focus for the last two years has been mobile game design and programming (iOS).

I quit my previous job (not game or tech related), and with my savings, I've done the following:

-learned iPhone programming
(studied programming years ago but was rusty)

-made several prototypes and released 2 games in the App Store.

-attended 1 mobile devs conference, GDC and a pre-GDC summit.

-Flew in to the West Coast, to meet mobile game companies.

-Sent resumes/samples online by the truck-load.

What I haven't done yet:

-decent gameplay videos (1 is up but I need a better one)
-a website

After a few months, still no job offers. Now I'm also trying out for internships.

Naturally, I'm currently running low on funds, and frustrated at the lack of progress in my search...

What does it take to get that first job?
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